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Brief history

Hotel del Parco was the eminent residence of aeronautic engineer Alessandro Marchetti (1884-1966).

A passionate aviation designer who realized his first aircraft in 1911: La Chimera, with a 30 cv aluminum engine.

It then followed the realization of Marchetti MTV, a military airplane that reached the speed record in 1918.

In 1921 he got the control of SIAI, that had been previously founded by Luigi Capè. The new society was denominated Savoia-Marchetti.

His innovating and open minded approach allowed to patent a double opposite rotors aircraft with four blades. The forwarding development of the project led to the birth and circulation of the HELICOPTER.

From main headquarter of SIAI-Savoia-Marchetti in Sesto Calende left the most advanced models he created and became worldwide famous: A16 aircraft is reminded for its 370 hours long flight throw 3 continents flown by Francesco de Pinedo.

He planned 60 aircrafts and thanks his innovation together with production organization of Savoia-Marchetti , Italy became leader in the aeronautic field winning against the European and American competitors.

In 1944 the ancient monarchic name Savoia was abandoned and the previous denomination SIAI was re-used again. In 1968, AGUSTA bought part of the society and in 1973 it held 60% of the whole shares. In Vergiate factory were built A109, Bell, CH-47 and IHH-3F whose license was held only by Agusta.

In 1983 Agusta bought totality of Siai-Marchetti.

In 2006 historic factory of Sesto Calende becomes headquarter of the technological Training Academy founded by AgustaWestland.

Finmeccanica enters the Society in 2015.

Still today Hotel del Parco is a preferential destination of pilots and engineers of helicopter field, who arrive in Sesto Calende to attend Training Academy.